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** New Course **

Beginners Self LOVE eCourse (11 Days)

In this 11 day Self LOVE Beginners eCourse you will work on 4 levels.

  1. Physical Self Love
  2. Mental Self Love
  3. Emotional Self Love
  4. Spiritual Self Love

By the end of this Course you will have some ideas for how to improve your Self Love, Self Worth and Self Confidence (on all 4 levels listed above)

Included in the package is a PDF Summary of 29 pages that go with the Course for quick links and task information.

Beginners Self LOVE eCourse (11 Days)
Cost: $150 USD

How to Receive a Loving & Meaningful Relationship eCourse (7days)

This is a mid level eCourse, and is a 3 strand approach – like a rope.

1st Strand – Scripting to attract (you will write a personal script in present tense to reflect what you desire in detail).

2nd Strand – Meditation to calm (you will learn to focus with imaginal scenes, with feeling on “Living in the End” by Neville Goddard).

3rd Strand – Affirmations to confirm & affirm (you will create again specific, focused affirmations to support your wanted result.

Cost: $100 USD

How to Attract a Specific Person Beginners eCourse (15 Days)

This eCourse is a beginners Course for those that want to attract/create a relationship with a Specific Person.

This Course is for those that are new to the Law of Attraction, Neville Goddard, Abraham Hicks, The Secret, Florence Scovel Shinn, Joseph Murphy, Catherine Ponder & Wayne Dyer etc.

Daily you will be doing Meditations with Agnes related to attracting a Specific Person, and you will begin creating some affirmations to support your heart’s desire. You will learn to improve your mental state and create a personal script for you and them and add to it daily for the duration of the Course.

Cost: $200 USD

Self Love Specific Person eCourse (15 Days)

This is a mid level eCourse. You will be looking at your negative thoughts about yourself, about your Specific Person and what they did to you. You will delve deeper into your Self Love practices and also how you are still trying to get love, attention, reassurance etc. from them. You will look within for any jealousy, distrust, fear, and anxiety in relation to them. You will start to address these by practising more focused letting go, surrender, allowing and trust. You will start to apply gratitude to reverse your “glass half empty” thinking and practice “glass half full” thinking.

Each day you will do 1 task for your Self Love and 1 task for your Specific Person. You will watch 1 YouTube per day and do the suggested tasks for that day.

Cost: $200 USD

How to Attract a Specific Person Intermediate eCourse (15 Days)

In this a Intermediate level eCourse. You will be exploring the concept of “Everyone is You Pushed out” in more depth – in relation to you and your Specific Person. You will also look at what beliefs you still hold about yourself and about them that don’t serve you. You will work with the Law of Assumption and ‚ÄúI remember when‚ÄĚ as well as applying the ‚ÄúPruning Shears of Revision‚ÄĚ by Neville Goddard. You will explore ‚ÄúConscious Selection‚ÄĚ and start to change your ‚ÄúI am not good enough‚ÄĚ belief by doing a 30 minute process to change it. You will learn to use ‚ÄúPrepaving in Advance‚ÄĚ as well as looking at the Law of Projection (what do you project out – I am Loved or am I Unloved).

Cost: $200 USD

Manifesting LOVE ‚Äď with Patti Stanger Millionaire Matchmaker

Patti Stanger manifested LOVE in 2022! This Course is exactly what we did together for her to manifest her Soulmate.

This is a 13 Day Intermediate level course. You will go through the 13 videos where you will hear a discussion on a topic, then do the tasks, exercises & meditations relating to that day’s topic.

There are 2 BONUS videos for you as well!

Patti Stanger manifested LOVE in 2022

Cost: $1000 USD

Neville Goddard Study Classes

10 Courses of 2 hours long sessions

How to apply Neville’s teachings to your current situations.

In these study classes we go through & read, then I will explain in modern English what he is talking about.

Study Session 1 – Click Here

Study Session 2 – Click Here

Study Session 3 – Click Here

Study Session 4 – Click Here

Study Session 5 – Click Here

Study Session 6 – Click Here

Study Session 7 – Click Here

Study Session 8 – Click Here

Study Session 9 – Click Here

Study Session 10 – Click Here

Cost: $30 USD each
neville goddard study class

Behind Closed Doors - Relationship SUCCESS STORIES & the BEST techniques that got results (12days)

In this 12 Day eCourse you will learn the proven techniques that achieved results for those individuals that wrote their Relationship Success Stories in the Book Behind Closed Doors. In part 1 you will be introduced to all the specific techniques, then in part 2-11 we will go through each one and you will learn step by step what the technique is and how to use it. In the final part 12 we will recap what you have learned and you will be advised when to do the techniques and how often so you can have a weekly plan to follow.

Cost: $180 USD

Self Love & Attracting a Specific Person Intermediate Course (15 Days)

This Course is a 15 day eCourse.

This Course is intermediate level for those that have a reasonable level of knowledge of LOA, Neville Goddard, Abraham Hicks etc.
For the 1st 10 days you will hone your focus on “Living in the End” of being with your Specific Person after using the Ho’oponopono to clear any old negative emotions.
You will be saturating yourself in the wish fulfilled, since what we focus on is what we attract, you will discipline yourself mentally at a much deeper level and for the remaining 5 days you will do some “Focus Wheels” for your wonderful Relationship.

Cost: $200 USD

Attracting your Dream Job/Work Intensive Course (15 Days)

This Course is a 15 Day ecourse. Each day you will do affirmations, mini meditations with me, scripting and listen to YouTubes and Podcasts on this subject to find your passion. You will create a vision board. You will be given 10 ideas for passive income and you will listen to Neville Goddard, Wallace Wattles, Tim Marrow, James Altucher and a Success Story from Katlego. This Course is for all levels, beginner through to intermediate.

Cost: $200 USD
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