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This subliminal isn’t just for physical beauty. It’s about realising & exploring your connection to the beauty within, the beauty of life and the world.

  • Unimagined beauty flows within me
  • Beauty is a living thing, a light inside me that is revealed
  • I radiate love and beauty at all times. It ripples out – I am seen, I am heard, I am felt
  • I am infused with beauty, joy and love
  • Beauty is always within me and I reveal it to the world
  • I love my skin, I love my face, I love my body, I love my being
  • It’s natural for me to feel wellbeing and to feel beautiful
  • I relax into my renewed radiance
  • I feel brightness beaming from my cheeks and shining from my eyes
  • I am being the ever-blossoming beauty that I am
  • and more etc.

Photo by Caique Nascimento: and

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