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Neville Goddard


Manifestation/Goals Tracker

Free Tracker Toolkit PDF

This tracker toolkit is to help you create and track your intentions, goals, habits, and support the manifestation of your desires during 2024.
Take the opportunity to work with your desires and the things you wish to manifest this year, to become the version of yourself that puts you in the prime position of attracting the things you wish. Is there something you wish to work on or improve this year? Something you wish to create or manifest? Multiple things?
Well start exploring and may this year be your best yet!

4 FREE Courses:

How to Receive a Loving & Meaningful Relationship eCourse (7days)

This is a mid level eCourse, and is a 3 strand approach – like a rope.

1st Strand – Scripting to attract (you will write a personal script in present tense to reflect what you desire in detail).

2nd Strand – Meditation to calm (you will learn to focus with imaginal scenes, with feeling on “Living in the End” by Neville Goddard).

3rd Strand – Affirmations to confirm & affirm (you will create again specific, focused affirmations to support your wanted result.

This is a 7 day ecourse, please watch 1 Youtube a day and complete the suggested tasks (day 1-7)
You can re-use this course repeatedly as much as you want.



Power to your manifesting

Attracting your Person - 6 Part Series

Workshop to Attract a Wonderful Relationship - 12 Part Series

Workshop - Long Distance Relationships - 6 Part Series

2 Free Meditations with Patti Stanger Millionaire MatchMaker UK & USA

Meditation Manifest LOVE with Patti Stanger - behind the scenes 10 mins

Meditation Manifest LOVE with Patti Stanger - 10 mins

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