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For those of you that judge & criticise yourselves physically about specific parts of your body and don’t feel good enough, lovable or attractive. You may also be comparing yourselves to others. If you do this it is affecting how someone sees you, how attracted they are to you and how much they desire you!

This subliminal isn’t just for physical beauty. It’s about realising & exploring your connection to the beauty within, the beauty of life and the world. These are some of the affirmations imbedded it.

  • Unimagined beauty flows within me
  • Beauty is a living thing, a light inside me that is revealed
  • I radiate love and beauty at all times. It ripples out – I am seen, I am heard, I am felt
  • I am infused with beauty, joy and love
  • Beauty is always within me and I reveal it to the world
  • I love my skin, I love my face, I love my body, I love my being
  • It’s natural for me to feel wellbeing and to feel beautiful
  • I relax into my renewed radiance
  • I feel brightness beaming from my cheeks and shining from my eyes
  • I am being the ever-blossoming beauty that I am
  • and more etc.

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