How to Attract a Specific Person Beginners eCourse (15 Days)


This eCourse is a beginners Course for those that want to attract/create a relationship with a Specific Person.

This Course is for those that are new to the Law of Attraction, Neville Goddard, Abraham Hicks, The Secret, Florence Scovel Shinn, Joseph Murphy, Catherine Ponder & Wayne Dyer etc.

Daily you will be doing Meditations with Agnes related to attracting a Specific Person, and you will begin creating some affirmations to support your heart’s desire. You will learn to improve your mental state and create a personal script for you and them and add to it daily for the duration of the Course.
You will begin to use “Imagination Creates Reality” by Neville Goddard – by creating a desired scene using “Living in the End” and you will make a Vision Board for you and your Specific Person.
You will begin learning about the concept of “Everyone is You Pushed Out” so you start to understand why you have been getting what you are currently experiencing from your Specific Person, as well as learning to use a prayer to let go of doubt.

Each day you will watch 1 YouTube per day and do the suggested tasks for that day.

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